Kauri Architects

"Design and build. Make the vision of the iwi, hapu and whanau come to life"

Architectural Design, Landscaping, Sustainability & Construction

What is the vision of the iwi?

Achieve the iwi vision: Maori in the built environment

Meet the needs of whanau, hapu & iwi


We can help design and build those visions

Comply with regulations and standards

Kaitiaki of our world

Infuse kawa, tikanga and korero tuku iho into iwi projects

Create quality in our native landscape. Connect with our birds, moana, awa, maunga & ngahere.

Nga manaakitanga o te Atua.

We will help:

  • Clarify and simplify the architectural design, regulatory and construction process

  • Keep costs within budget

  • Achieve high quality built environments that improve the New Zealand architectural and cultural landscape 


 "Passionate about expressing Maori in the built environment"


Contact us: Kauri Architects E: tere.insley@kauriarchitects.co.nz Mob: (027) 366 9206