Kainga whakaheke. Forever homes
Buildings where you feel happy, healthy and free

Value for money.

What costs are involved?

Start, knowing your budget. Establish cost at the outset of your project. 

Track ongoing costs and the balance throughout the project. 

The project stays on budget.

Value. You. Your project. Your well-being

Create time

By completing your project.

From the deep satisfaction and fulfillment of your completed project.

From the safety and security of this stunning building.

Reenergize with clarity and energy. Relax.  


Health and Wellbeing

For you, the whanau, hapu and iwi

Feel confident. Positive. Happy. The deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Kua ea.

Plan to be physically healthy. Exercise. Eating right and sleeping.

Can a high-quality built environment? One that expresses Māori to it’s core. Can this connect us to a higher intelligence? Atua.

Can a high-quality built environment? One that expresses Māori to it’s core. Be a source of love, prosperity and beauty?



Soft carpets, cool stone floors, soft timber walls with wide sweeping views to the moana, through red, blooming pohutukawa

Sounds of tui calling each other in the kōhai outside. Cool breezes through tawa, karaka, pohutukawa and nikau close by.

Imagine the whānau relaxing on decks. A fire burning as Tamanui te Ra sets in the evening

The peace and well-being of splashing water from chrome shower heads onto dark grey granite floors.

Kai time. Happiness floats.

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